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D&A Technical has completed hundreds of projects, including commercial buildings, schools, hospital buildings, industrial complexes, churches, and recreational facilities. We can handle single project sizes up to 2500 tons of structural steel and a variety of stairs, railings, complex geometry, unique connections, and miscellaneous steel. Here are some recently completed projects:

Ceddia Union Building:
      - 405 tons of structural steel with skewed geometry.

Yorktown High school:
      - 710 tons of structural steel and 7 staircases and misc. steel.

Franklin square Hospital addition:
      - 410 tons of structural steel , 5 stair towers.

Hagerstown Community college:
      - 450 tons of structural steel.

Lafayette Elementary school:
     - 210 tons steel.

G.B. Middle School:
      - 820 tons structural steel.

Villa at Suffield Meadows:
      - 220 tons of steel , 3 staircases and miscellaneous.

Audi and Mercedes Benz Dealerships:
      - 145 tons of steel with intricate designs; 3 staircases.

Gill Simpsons Headquarter building:
      - 155 tons of structural steel.

Moorefield Station:
      - 7 stair towers and miscellaneous steel and 60 tons of structural steel.

Fourth Presbyterian School:
      - 310 tons of steel involving curved geometry, 4 staircases and Misc.

GBMC-Boiler plant expansion:
      - 150 tons of structural steel; 2 staircases, hanging.

Mid-county Recreation Center:
      - 120 tons of steel and miscellaneous with radial members.

Hampton Inn hotel:
      - 106 tons of structural steel, 3 staircases/railings, Misc.

Koons Toyota new dealership:
      - 130 tons of structural steel, 5 staircases and Misc.

Helping up Mission, Baltimore:
      - 110 tons of steel, 2 staircases, Misc.

Yorkshire Elementary school:
      - 312 tons of structural steel and Misc
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